Welcome to the membership page! Here you can download a membership form and hand it into the club for approval.

Download Membership Application Form Here

  • Application for Membership is via completion of Membership Application Form which is then submitted before Committee for acceptance. All applications must be proposed and seconded by a fully paid up Club Member.
  • Initial Membership Fees are £7 which included a £3 deposit for a door access key fob. The key fob deposit is refundable on cessation of Membership and return of the fob.
  • Joint applications are available (eg Man & Wife) for a fee of £10 with only 1 key fob issued.
  • Membership is renewable on the 1st of January each year. Renewal fees are £4 per year and must be paid by 28th February.
  • Senior Citizens Renewal fees are £1.50 providing you have been a Member for 2 years.
  • Senior Citizens reaching the age of 75 become Honorary Members with free Membership. This is conditional on being a Member for 2 years.

Club Rules

Before coming a member it would be a good idea to get yourself familiar with the club rules. You can download a copy of the club rules here.

Download Club Rules Here